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Having a website online is a very good method of generating income through the internet.

By far, the best type of website is a (business) service based website because you can acquire work through the internet and either outsource work to companies "on the ground" or receive work for your own company, turning a big profit either way.

In this task, we will be focusing on creating a service based website for your particular niche.

If you do not already have a service based niche in mind, think about plumbing, antenna repair/installations, lawn mowing/landscaping, glass repair/installation, lawyers, loans/mortgages, travel agencies/hotels, etc...

Basically any niche that has the ability to generate over $50 in profit per lead for you is a good niche to start with.

Typically you want to find a niche that pays around $150+ per job, wedding receptions is a good one, you get around 10% of wedding reception fees, normally equating to over $1,000 profit per lead (you source to wedding reception centers/centres).

After you have tracked down a niche that appeals to you, you will want to buy a domain name for your website.

You will normally want an "EXACT MATCH" domain name to a high traffic or high cost per click keyword, for example "" (i.e. "", Melbourne being the main city in Victoria, Australia and "Plumbers" being the main keyword or niche I am trying to market/rank for).

You can watch a 10 hour ADVANCED video which teaches you how to hunt down the exact keyword/s you should use for your domain name here. Be advised this is a VERY LONG 10 hour video and I would only watch it on a day when you are not busy, it will take the entire day to watch it.

Once you have your domain name in mind, type the domain name in to your web browser and see if a website comes up, if a website displays, consider adding "dashes" between the words of your domain, for example "" might be changed to "", this is fine and will serve our purpose nicely.

Once again, re-check the domain name in your browser to see if a website comes up, if not, you may be in luck.

Also keep in mind that sometimes a domain has already been purchased by someone else and it may just not be hosted, so you may not see a website come up, but the domain may in-fact be unavailable.

So you will need to keep brain-storming for alternatives until you find a domain name that is available.

Also keep in mind that if a company in your state that you are advertising to has the same "business name" as your domain name, then they can actually sue you and force you to sell them that domain name and/or get it banned from working online.

So make sure you go to your local government business website (just hunt it down in google or do a search for your local government and phone them) and see if a company has an exact or similar match to your new potential domain.

If not, you are all set to start hosting your domain name.

However if a company has an exact match name to that of your potential new domain, I would strongly urge you to find an other domain name that is not closely related to any other company names.

If you do this step life will be "SMOOTH SAILING" and you will not run in to any issues in the future (or get SUED OUT OF BUSINESS).

The next step is actually paying to host your website (domain name) on the internet, but don't worry, for your first website I will have you sign-up to a web-host that only charges you $36 US DOLLARS per year. This is a "drop in the pond" to how much money you will be earning with this website.

You will buy your domain name hosting package from RESELLERS PANEL. After you sign-up (top-right corner), log-in to the back-end and click on "My Offers", then "Shared Hosting Offers".

On the next screen you will see a "Best Value" plan. to the far right of that plan you will see an "Order" link.

Click the "Order" link and you will be able to purchase that plan for the cheap wholesale price of $36 US DOLLARS (last time I checked).

This deal is only available to "resellers" at RESELLERS PANEL. It is a VERY CHEAP cost effective method of hosting your first website and that is why I am telling you about RESELLERS PANEL.

Once you are on the "Order Page", do not install any "pre-installed applications", but make sure you select the closest "datacenter" to where you want to market your website to (if it's world-wide, select the "UNITED STATES" option).

On this page you can check for domain availability. If it asks you to "transfer" the domain, it means someone else has already purchased that domain and you must chose an other domain name.

Keep trying until you find a domain you are happy with. Also don't be afraid to take a ".net" domain name if ".com" is already taken. these .net domain names can out-rank .com domain names sometimes.

Also, it is fine to put "DASHES" in between the domain name, this works as well (example:

Once you have found your domain name, click next and fill out the "whois" details. Make sure you put your real email address in the whois details because icann will send a confirmation email to this email address and if you do not confirm your email then icann will ban your website and it will not display (online).

You will also need to put down your real address/etc in the whois information otherwise your whois may be declined and you will lose your website.

Once everything is in order, pay for your domain (and thank me later, as it is only $36 US DOLLARS per year).

You will receive a welcome email instructing you how to log-in to the back-end of your domain hosting account.

You will then want to navigate to your "ftp" section and change your ftp password to anything you want.

We will use these ftp (file transfer protocol) login credentials later on when we want to upload our website to the internet.

The next step after setting up your website domain is to buy a professional quality website landing page template for a VERY CHEAP pricing so that you maximise your profits in the start of your webmaster career.

You will use TEMPLATE MONSTER to buy your website template. It will be a "static html" responsive or landing page template.

Meaning the actual website pages are called ".html" file extensions, which means they are "STATIC" or "NON-MOVING" website pages.

This type of "STATIC HTML" web-page is EXTREMELY difficult to hack, if not impossible.

This will help your website bypass many potential issues from hackers in the future.

And believe me, every few months, a new automated hacker client always tries to hack your website and generally destroys it.

So by using "STATIC HTML" (.html) pages on our website, we bypass these potential "PIT-FALLS".

You can learn about buying website templates from the  TEMPLATE MONSTER VIDEO HERE.

The next step is actually "EDITING" our website template, we do this by "right-clicking" all ".html" files in our template folder (and editing them one by one).

We then open each html file in notepad or wordpad.

We then double click each html page (one by one) and open them in a new browser window.

We then hunt down the words on the web page (inside our browser) and do searches for those words inside the same opened notepad or wordpad (.html) file.

Once we track down the text inside our notepad or wordpad, we can alter the text to say anything we want.

It is then a simple process of altering your purchased website template and then uploading the website to your server (server meaning, "upload your website to the internet" in this instance).

Once we have our website uploaded and working as we have opened the domain (website) in a browser window and have confirmed that it works, we need to purchase an SSL CERTIFICATE for $19 US DOLLARS.

This SSL CERTIFICATE tells google chrome and other browsers that our website is "SECURE" and re-assures our website is a legitimate, non-scam website.

With-out an SSL CERTIFICATE, google chrome browser will say "NOT SECURE" to the left on the address bar of our website.

This normally makes most visitors dis-trust our website and some will leave the website assuming it is not a legitimate company and/or website.


An SSL CERTIFICATE makes our website use "https" (secure protocol) instead of "http" (insecure protocol).

This establishes trust with our website surfers (surfers meaning "humans" coming to our website).

You can buy an SSL CERTIFICATE by navigating to the back-end of your hosting panel and clicking (top left) "My domains", then clicking "SSL Certificates".

Next, in the top right corner, you will need to click on "ORDER SSL CERTIFICATE".

Under "Organisation" you will need to put your legal company name there. If you do not already have a company, follow the instructions below.

Under the "Organisation Unit" field you will need to put your niche (Example "Plumber" or "Travel Agent", etc).

The rest of the page is self explanatory. Hit "CONTINUE" (to the right) and pay for your SSL CERTIFICATE.

It will take around 5 hours to have your SSL CERTIFICATE installed. After it is ready, if it is not automatically installed, in the top right corner of your hosting panel, click "Help Center", then "My Tickets" and message support by creating a n"New Ticket".

"Open A New Ticket".

In the ticket, write down that you just purchased an SSL certificate and it is your first time, ask them how to properly install the SSL CERTIFICATE, also ask them how to set up your ".htaccess" file to automatically redirect all "http" requests to "https".

If you are unsure about what I just said (about the ".htaccess" file), simply ask support how to create the .htaccess file on your server and they will instruct you.

Basically the .htaccess file redirects website visitors to your secure "https" website urls (addresses) instead of "http" (insecure protocol).

Don't worry if you do not understand this, just know you will have to create a ".htaccess" file for your website to work with the SSL CERTIFICATE properly. It really very simple.

Ask support (in your ticket) about any questions you may have.

Normally support responds with in 15 minutes and they have one of the best customer service records in the industry from my personal experience.

The next step will be opening all of your website template edited .html files once again (in notepad or wordpad).

This time however it will be very simple and fast.

We will simply do a replace for the word "http:" and replace all instances with "https:". then close all of your .html documents and re-upload them to your server using the FTP username and password you remembered from before.

You can upload your files to your server with "FILEZILLA" (it is free).


The next step is to approach your local government by doing a search in google, hunt down their contact telephone number and call it.

Ask the receptionist about how to buy a company business number.

You will want to buy a "CORPORATION" (PTY LTD - Proprietary Limited) company number. however it is acceptable to buy a "SOLE-TRADER" business number instead (which is generally a lot cheaper).

I would however HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase a "CORPORATION" business number as you will normally be needing one as your webmaster career flourishes.

The process of signing-up for a business number is very annoying, it is time-consuming and probably something you are not too familiar with.

That said, it is a step that you legally can not ignore if you want to engage in ANY FORM OF BUSINESS online.

So let's get away from the concept of "AMATEUR CRAP".

Let's move toward your brighter future of "OWNING A COMPANY" and do something to be proud of.

You will need to converse (speak) back and forth with your local government until you are confident you can successfully apply to grab your business number.

business numbers generally take MONTHS to get approved and it does not happen overnight.

The sooner you make a move, the better!

Owning a business number legally authorises you to conduct business online and it is not a step you can bypass.

One of the final steps in this task is to find service agents to service jobs "on the ground" (or develop your own company to service the requests).

You could set the contact telephone number (service hotline) on your website to your own mobile phone, so customers would call you and you would take their details down then pass them on to your service agents to call the customer back and convert the job.

These service agents pay you a percentage of the profits and that is how you make money.

Once again, watch the 10 hour long video on THIS PAGE to learn more about "outsourcing work to service agents" (and developing your own company).

An alternative method is signing up to an affiliate program and having leads engage in actions (such as booking a flight or a hotel) and the affiliate program would pay you a percentage of the profits.

This method is much easier to engage in as there is normally no customer service (on your behalf) to worry about.

If you want to know how to track down the best affiliate programs online, watch this quick video on THIS PAGE.

Ok so once we have either implemented an affiliate program or hired some service agents to do the work for us, we need to actually market and advertise our website to the masses to generate as much income as possible.

At this stage I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch the 10 hour long video HERE.

The video basically teaches you every aspect of marketing a website online (for google).

You really NEED to watch this 10 hour long video and "soak it all in".

Eventually after you have successfully launched your website and started to generate a profit, you will need to make an "OPT-IN" email list form on your website, this way anyone coming to your website can chose to put their email address and name down and join your mailing list.

You can add benefits for the customer such as "FREE NICHE GIFT/S AND/OR TRAINING AND/OR ADVISE" as an incentive to entice the customer to give you their email address.

If you want to engage in email marketing then you need to chose AWEBER, here is the ARTICLE AND VIDEO ON AWEBER.

Basically, with AWEBER, you can create automated "campaigns" for your mailing list/s.

Each automated campaign has rules, rules such as "send this email several days after the last email was sent to the subscriber".

The more rules and emails you create, the larger your automatic email follow-up sequence becomes.

Eventually your email list is fully automated and bringing in the cash on auto-pilot.

If you want to see how AWEBER works, CLICK THIS LINK after finishing this training course and sign-up to my AWEBER Opt-In Training Course for

And that's basically it guys, once you have watch the 10 hour long video you should know how to effectively market your website to the masses.

Also consider using "Bing Ads" as a secondary option to "Google Adwords".

Just go to the Bing Ads Signup Page and sign-up. It's very easy to use compared to Google Adwords.


Once you have your first website set-up and start turning a profit I will remind you that I require a 5% donation to for life, click the link below to donate 5% of your earnings to and honor the man that is teaching you how to eventually become a MILLIONAIRE and live happily ever after.




And that's it guys, TASK COMPLETE. Congratulations on creating your first website online.

If you have not done-so already, OPT-IN HERE to receive emails detailing training courses that you should watch on to learn how to make more money online.





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