Here is a quote I wrote at Wealthy Affiliate, thought you guys could benefit from it (perhaps).


"I started making money online back in 1997 (ish) when my buddy informed me I could spam affiliate links on forums/etc and make a lot of money online. IT WORKED.

Obviously later on the search engines got very good at out-law this process so I had to stop it.

Later on, I was a professional video gamer so I made several websites around my gaming buddies and sold many copies of video games, satellite tv channels and pc's and peripherals to gamers globally.

Later on, I created the "global governing body of professional webmasters association of which I am still the current leader.

Later on, I worked as an electro technician for a tv/antenna repair company, and the boss asked me to make a website and get him more income.

Since I had been a member of warrior forum for many years, black hat world and webmaster world forums, I basically knew how to professionally market any company globally but had never put it in to practice.

Finally, I got my chance to test my skills in an ethical (the only way) fashion.

I developed a few websites, a .com a and a few other .com domains actually.

One website was a tv repair technician/electrician vbulletin forum.

The other site was a content driven website heavily advertising my main business site.

And my last website was my main business website for tv/antenna repair.

I also created several .com domains around high traffic high cost per click keywords for my particular area in the world that also heavily advertised my main tv repair business site.

I also purchased several hundred dollars worth of automated "grey hat" website submission, commenting and bookmarking/backlinking software/s and ran them 24/7 for the first six months to generate hundreds of thousands of backlinks to my main business site.

See I did not care if my main business site got banned from google search because I had so many other domains complying with Google's terms of service, so I was willing to spam the hell out of my domain to try and get it as much link juice as possible.

Obviously, I submitted my website to "dmoz" which is one of the world's highest pr free backlinks possible.

At the end of the day my main business website ended up at the #1 ranking for the highest cost per click, highest traffic keyword for TV Repair in Victoria, Australia.

It actually stayed there for ten years without any additional work.

This website generated am minimum of $200,000 extra for the company every single year. Out of which my boss screwed me and only gave me $50,000 extra every single year (so 25% of the profits I got for him).

I also engaged in adwords, bing ads and Facebook paid marketing for this particular website.

After which my boss ended up sacking me and threatening me with MAFIA to stop tv repair in Victoria Australia otherwise they would allegedly murder me.

Obviously he saw me as a competitor and he treat me like SH!T so he knew I would probably leave him and go to his competitors, which I was actually planning to do.

Hence - I STOPPED - LOL.

Knowing my skills were superior to most online marketers and webmasters. I later started up several other companies and I am now a multiple business owner and CEO of my own SEO agency.

Obviously I never re-entered tv repair in Victoria again :) and good news everyone, that guy who threatened me went out of business several years after I left him.

What I do today (in the past 5 years) is basically:

1. Affiliate marketing.

2. Organic ranking websites, many at #1 for high cost per click high traffic keywords globally.

3. Develop company start-ups and market those companies for newer business owners.

4. Manage adwords and Bing-ads for clients globally.

5. Train new webmasters how to retire rich in exchange for 5% for life through my training portals.

6. Sell information products on Warrior Forum (WSOs).

7. Own an ebay Australia company for several years.

8. Play games for twitch and get paid donations and new followers for fun in my "down-time".

9. Develop my own new companies once every several years, then scale them globally and provide several poorer individuals the opportunity to work with me for 5% of their profits for life. I am an angel.

And that's about it guys, now you can add the Wealthy Affiliate method to my portfolio and I also refer mass refers to WA, I got 180 in one week, still none of them have gone premium, waiting on the result.

I hope this insight into how I got started out has helped some of you understand how good you actually have it here at WA.


David Kellas."


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