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I live in Melton South, Victoria, Australia, 3338.

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Melton is a rural (country) town 45 kilometers out of Melbourne CBD (Central Business District, aka "CITY"), located in Victoria, Australia.

Melton has flourished over the last ten years, literally adding 1,000% more residents over the past 10 years, the township of Melton has grown exponentially.

City Of Melton, Victoria, Australia, Satellite Image

Melton has modern shopping centres, movie cinemas, many sporting facilities, swimming pools, great restaurants and the township is very close and friendly toward each other.

Near Melton is the town of "Bacchus Marsh". This town has a lot of farmers who sell their produce "street-side" for really low prices. So Melton residents can always drive up to Bacchus Marsh and purchase extremely high quality fruit and vegetables that are very fresh, assisting "Meltonians" to keep their health in-check.

Driving to Melbourne (the main city in Victoria, Australia) takes around 30 minutes down the local highway.

I prefer to live in the "western suburbs" of Victoria because everything is cheaper on this side of town and I find the locals are more down to earth than the "yuppies" on the eastern side of town.

Suburbs within the City of Melton are:

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Melton and one day I hope to invite you to one of my houses in Brighton (by the beach) for a get together of all donating members.

Pictured: David Kellas (AskiKa) & Yvette.




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