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Here are some of my favourite songs of all time.


Belinda Carlisle, La Luna


Cities of Gold, Unknown Artist


Seal, Crazy


Beni Brakma, Unknown Artist (Very emotional Song, I do not understand the words, but the song sounds passionate)

James Bond Theme, Unknown Artist


Radical Son + Unknown Artist, "I Can" (This song motivates me to remember that I can achieve anything I want to provided I put the hard work in to achieve a good result)


Tove Lo, Talking Body (This song "GETS ME OFF" every time I listen to it. It symbolizes the type of lifestyle I want to lead. Quite an emotional, paradise like beat of underlying love and affection)


Sunrise, Simply Red (Paradise like "floating" ambient beat. This song makes me feel like I am "living my life" and it makes me reflect on what could of been, what "has been" and what will happen in the future. A very "reflective" song and one of the best selling songs on apple itunes)


I like these songs because they make me feel a certain way, some of them spark a passion deep inside of me, others motivate me when I am feeling down and some of them just sound cool.

Keep in mind that I was born on 5th September, 1979. So I am quite old and my taste in music might not be right for you.

I hope you like some of the songs, don't right click the song names and save them to your computer as this may be illegal unless you own them already.


I will add more songs as I find them on my computer.





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