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Welcome to,

"AskiKa" meaning "Ass Kicker".

About me:

This is my home website, basically on this website I provide these services:

Please look to the menu system and click your current experience level to get started.

About my training:

Once again, welcome to - Your "ONE STOP SHOP" for everything webmaster.

General "AskiKaOwnzYou" - Professional Webmaster & Yvette in St.Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

Please note:



AskiKa's Affiliate Program Rules:

  1. After you have watched both videos on this page, you can start recruiting other people to join
  2. Tell these people that instead of paying me 5% of their earnings, they only need to pay me 2.5% of their earnings.
  3. Tell these people, they should pay you the other 2.5%.
  4. So basically, if you refer people to and they learn how to make money online at my website, then you have done me a service, so we split the profits.
  5. Instead of the people you refer paying me 5% for life.
  6. I only want 2.5% and you get the other 2.5%.
  7. Just tell them to pay your paypal account @ 2.5%, it's that easy.

And that's my affiliate "WORD OF MOUTH" program, cheers.

"So just to be clear, if you invite someone to to learn how to make money online, they can feel free to ignore my 5% donation requests, instead, they pay me 2.5% and they pay you 2.5% as well - so we split the profits and that is 100% fine with me - Cheers".

"Obviously you know these people and they wouldn't screw you over because you only refer moralistic, ethical, smart, nice people to, people who are WORTHY of eventually earning millions of dollars - DO NOT INVITE THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE: CRIMINALS, MORONS, NON-MORALISTIC PEOPLE, DEVIL WORSHIPPERS OR EVIL PEOPLE - DO NOT INVITE ANY OF THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE - Cheers". 

1,492,000 members can't be wrong


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